I'm not a fan of the Android upgrade strategy.

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    Specifically with Motorola. But they all seem to do it.

    So I have a RAZR MAXX. I like my RAZR MAXX. Ice Cream Sandwich was just made available to all RAZR users as of today. Great news right? Well...here's the problem.

    • The fact that it was downloadable back in April is near confirmation that there was at least an initial plan to release it at that time. Didn't happen.
    • Further updates were downloadable all the way through May which indicates at least an initial plan to release. Didn't happen.
    • Marketing materials showed up in May indicating an initial plan to release. Didn't happen.
    • Here we are LITERALLY on the edge of the launch of Jelly Bean and we're just now getting the damn thing.
    In an age where our government is willing to spend millions of dollars trying to go after some guy who isn't or hasn't ever been on American soil that is accused of hosting material that he didn't own and for which there is no jurisdiction....

    Why is it that nobody is compelling these vendors, ALL vendors, to release timely updates?

    Or as an alternate, allow the user to install the raw version if they're willing and know how to do so? Get the bootloaders unlocked, stop locking phones in the first place, and let the savvy users do what they will at their own peril without having to wait on coders to figure stuff out. I mean, Google puts it up, adds a disclaimer refusing to accept risk just like they do with their beta software, adds a note about minimum and recommended specs so you can check if your phone will run the software, users can install whatever they want directly. That then forces Verizon and AT&T and Sprint to compete solely on price benefit and device availability. Hell, they can even refuse to support any OS but their own (contract and warranty stay in tact) to protect themselves from users who screw their phone up.