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    I just got around to this a few hours ago and decided to give this a shot.
    Long story short, this is a massively modified ICS theme, based on the screenshots from the "leak" of ICS Blur. I thought it looked quite nice,
    so I figured I'd try to make a similar one, with a few personal touches. Launcher is ADW EX, if you're curious.
    Credit for the original ICS theme that I modified goes to Sonny Sekhon, and the many blur icons to a collection of blur icons on XDA.

    screenshot-1334775996280.png screenshot-1334776017908.png

    I only tested this on the D2G. It may or may not appear the same on other devices, although I can pretty much guarantee it won't on a tablet.
    Remember, it isn't perfect.
    You can get the theme here. (DropBox)

    Mods can feel free to move this around; it's only here as there is no real theme section for this device and it isn't a rom.

    Quick update: For some reason, the battery icons are jumping between default and blur.
    2nd update: Fixed, for the moment at least. Link will lead to a newer file.
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