I9000 Charging Problems

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    As the title suggests I am having a problem with my Samsung I9000 (galaxy s). I am unable to initate charging of the phone either through the mains charger or through USB to my Laptop. I do not know whether it is purely a Hardware fault or a software glitch, and i wish to know whether you guys can help me out.

    A few noteworthy details, when i turn the phone off and remove the battery and then insert the microusb from the charger or the PC cable the phone turns on without me pressing any buttons (yet still does not charge). Also a few days ago i updated to froyo 2.2.1, yet i have charged since then and copied files between my pc and phone.

    Another software note is that i installed a few apps (adw launcher - free version (and several themes) - [I uninstalled that very recently trying to backtrack yet no-luck], beautiful widgets and a few non-apps).
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