I need help finding a few apps

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    So I got my first android phone a week ago and I've been trying to get it set up how I want it. Right now there's pretty much 2 or 3 apps left that I'm trying to find/find a good version of and I can't.

    1. Alarm clock that reads me the weather and news. I've tried wayke and it just read the headlines very quickly. I've also tried smarter alarm and it reads the headlines too. There are options for rss feeds but I have to buy the pro version for that and I'm not sure if it will read the headlines too/the speech is pretty bad.

    2. Real life rpg app? I haven't found anything on this. I'd like one where I can put in stuff I do in real life and gain exp points for a character. Fitness, reading, cooking, etc.

    3. Fitness app? I've tried jefit and it seems like it makes you put in a routine with mainly weights. I want one that has running involved as well as bodyweight exercises and lifting. I'd like it to be easier to input also, kind of like fitocracy but they don't have an app yet.

    4. A good game for wasting a few minutes here and there.
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    Can't help with the first 3, but HueBrix is an easy, clever puzzle game.

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