I have no 'desktop'! Only notifications work.

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    Ok, was going to reset my phone, but I had to put back some APKs and then unroot before. So here's what I did:

    * Put all stock APKs on my sdcard
    * Moved all APKs from sdcard to /system/app/
    * Unrooted, restarted.

    Now it's just a blank screen with a notification bar I can access. Task Manager is in there and everythings running fine. I was using LauncherPro at the time so I'm thinking it's trying to look for the program and not finding it.

    What do I do?

    Edit: Put LauncherPro apk in /system/app, looked over and it asked me to use Launcher or ADW. Chose Launcher. It rebooted, same black screen.

    Edit 2: I said screw and did a hard-wipe. Worked.
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