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Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by chromashadows, Aug 26, 2010.

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    I'd love to be able to download the player and files onto my droid so I don't have to keep my pc on all night listening to the sleep ones or astral travel, etc. Anyone know if there's an app? I haven't found one but maybe it's under a different name? I'm looking for the legit .drg files because mp3 and other downloads are not the same as they don't recreate the tones necessary to change the binaural waves in the brain.

    I love how these work to relax, calm, and destress me and make me happy if I've had a bad day. I've been a pro -binaural beat person for over a decade now and to have them online is brilliant. We should have them in the apps somewhere.

    Thanks for any info! ^_^
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