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Discussion in 'Droid FAQ' started by RinTinTigger, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    this is just a short manual, to get your own ringtone out of Youtube-Music.
    We take this for example:

    This is the Battlefied 2 US Theme song. Lets say you just want the part where the
    full music starts as your own ringer. Aye? Easy!

    1. Preparations:

    Download the free Youtube to mp3 converter here: DOWNLOAD The program is german, but i will...ymusictools.com/easy-mp3-cutter.exe"]DOWNLOAD

    Install both!

    2. The song:
    Go to youtube and pic a song like the one above. Make sure that the URL of the video looks like this: [ww.youtube.com/watch?v=lhUy60m8qbE]
    Now, just copy the URL in your browser adress field, open the free youtube converter and press "Einfügen". Then the program retrieves the Video URL and gets the audio stream. Now you can edit the mp3 tag if wanted by clicking on "Tag". Afterwards, select the folder to save the audiofile by pressing "Durchsuchen". Now click the dropdownmenue under "Voreinstellungen" and select "WAV - Audio mit verlustfreier Qualitiät (Stereo)" This selects a lossless WAV file. Now click on "Herunterladen" to download the file.


    3. Cut if needed:
    Now open the Easy MP3 Cutter (click on "Testversion" if you dont own it), and drag and drop the audiofile into the window. It now shows you the stream. on the picture i marked the important lines you need, afterwards i tell you what to do.


    On the right menue under "Starten" you set the point / time where you want your ringtone to begin. Under "Beenden" you tell the cutter where to end the ringtone.
    in our Case, lets start with 00:20:16 and end with 02:15:09. and click on "Zufügen"

    Then just click on the top menue point "Splitten" and the program creates you the desired File in the Folder, where you dragged the original file from.

    4. Finally:

    Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder the ringtone was stored. Mount Your DROID, pull down notification bar, select the USB menue and mount "Manage SDCARD". Now simply copy the ringtone to the SDCard. Unmount the droid. Now, on your DROID, go to settings, audio and select the ringtone.


    This is it! If you have any questions or anything, please use this thread for it: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dr...your-own-ringtones-discussion.html#post159835

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