How do I download and use ringtones?

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    From the Motorola Website:

    Follow the steps listed below to set up and use ringtones.

    1. Set any of your songs as a phone ringtone:

    From the music player library, navigate to a song you want to use as a phone ringtone
    Touch & hold the song in the list
    Touch Use as phone ringtone. The ringtone is now set as your default incoming call ringtone
    2. Personalize your ringtones:

    From the Applications menu touch Settings
    Touch Sound & display
    Touch Phone ringtone or Notification ringtone and select a ringtone
    3. Customize the text message ringtone

    From the Applications menu, touch Messaging
    Press the Menu button
    Touch Settings
    Touch Select Ringtones

    4. Assign a ringtone to a contact:

    From the Applications menu touch Contacts
    Scroll to the desired Contact
    Press the menu key
    Touch Options
    Scroll down and touch Ringtone
    Choose a ringtone from the list and touch OK
    5. Download ringtones from Android market

    From the Applications menu, touch Market
    Touch search to search for ringtones
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