How to take care of your Lithium Ion Battery (Droid/Smartphone)

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    I'm in the know so I'll help clear this up, because I wana help for :p

    Lithium Ion Batteries most always come new with some amount of charge on them... This varies between 30%-90% Depending on many things life shelf life, how long has it been sitting, etc...

    Lithium Ion batteries do NOT have a memory...

    HOWEVER, ALL BATTERIES, regardless of what kind, when new, HAVE TO HAVE THE INITIAL CONDITIONING...

    This means 3 FULL charges and FULL discharges for the FIRST 3 FULL cycles of the battery...
    You start this process with 1 FULL charge FIRST, if you discharge first, you can cause premature damage to the battery, and lower its life time and cycle expectancy...

    When discharging about 5%-8% is good (I usually go to about 4%-5% but that is me)...
    When charging, FULL 100% for best results...

    In-between each discharge and recharge it is recommended you wait about 2-4 minutes to help keep the battery from wanting to do a roller coaster effect.
    That is when immediate and constant charging/discharging makes the battery want to quickly drain and top off on its own, which can help make faster self discharge in storage, and cause lifetime problems for the battery...

    Lithium Ion Batteries to NOT have a memory.

    Lithium Ion batteries are measured in charge cycles for life expectancy of usage.

    1 FULL cycle can be any of the following: (only the 100% cycle is to be used for conditioning, not any of the others. The others are only allowed to be done after conditioning the battery.)
    -100% discharge and recharge.
    -10x10% discharges and recharges.
    -2x50% discharges and recharges.
    -You get the

    Also, do not let the batter go any lower than 3% this can decrease the life expectancy of the battery... Lithium Ion battery's, when FULLY discharged like this can/will get damaged.

    For storing a lithium Ion battery, for longest time and best results, store the battery about 60%-80% charge on the first day.
    Then you can let the battery sit (Usually at room temperature) for anywhere from 1-3 months (average), maybe longer based upon the battery size and age.

    Never store a Lithium Ion battery at 100% charge, I'd say the highest you can go before storage is 90% to be safe... A fully charged Lithium Ion battery has potential risk of loosing life cycles in storage...

    And, these storing directions are assuming the battery is not plugged into any kind of device that will slowly drain its battery over time.

    If you want to store the battery in the device for any reason, all you have to do is make sure you check the battery sooner for recharge time...

    And, you do not have to recharge a stored battery until it reached about 20%-30% after sitting for a while at room temperature...

    I hope this helps people!
    This is all general rules, read the instruction manual with the battery for best results, if the manual is not provided, these directions will work just fine.

    I do the above with all my devices that have Lithium Ion batteries and they always last me a LONG time. :)

    If anyone wants to sticky this post, I'm ok with it, I posted this because I seen some posts about batteries and other people might be wondering too...

    If people want to have battery discussions on this thread, I'm ok with that, this post is only for Lithium Ion batteries so people can best use them in their droids, but other batteries and battery things are welcome, I'm not :p

    Best regards,
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