How I restore my Rezound after a full wipe including internal SD...

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    Now I can only vouch that this works on Bamf's I know others have problems with TiBu for some reason.

    But using this I can restore everything in minutes.

    This requires only a couple things...
    - Titanium Backup
    - a Dropbox account (or other similar services with same apps and features)
    - The Dropbox App
    - DropSync


    I am sure most of you have figured this out..but this could help someone. Open Titanium Backup->Preferences->scroll to Backup settings->select Backup Location and move it to Ext_SD (you will likely need to create a new folder). Also make sure restore Titanium settings is checked.

    That will stop a wipe from erasing your TiBu Backups...and make sure TiBu finds your backups immediately upon reinstall.


    Go through the folders you would like to backup from the Internal SD and make a list(I suggest you skip the Ext_SD folder if that was not already obvious). Now go to Dropbox (or your preferred service) and create a folder for your Rez_Int_SD, and then create folders for each of the ones on your phone you would like to backup. Now using DropSync (or similar app for your host) and sync the folders on the phone with the ones you just created in dropbox. Only thing left to do is set up a sync schedule. I do it nightly.


    Now when I wipe between ROMs...I skip the set up...turn off auto sync...login to market to download Antutu and TiBu (I guess I could push a file explorer via ADB to system to skip this...but I am not always at home when I flash)...reboot...I set my perferred kernel settings and then restore all my backups ( I always scour first for system files that could cause issues )...reboot...restore remaining settings...and then open DropSync and resync the folders you selected earlier(which will look for missing folders and files and download them back to your Internal SD. And you are done.

    Last install took less than 15 mins for full restore and resync...including restoring my homescreen and widgets.
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