How do I use Google Maps™ on my phone?

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    From the Motorola Webpages:

    Where am I? Where do I want to go? Don’t worry, let Google Maps™ mapping service find out for you.
    Set your location sources

    Set your phone to determine your location using GPS satellite signals (highly accurate, but uses battery power) or using the mobile network (less accurate, but conserves battery power).

    To set your location, press Menu > Settings > Location & security > Use GPS satellites and/or Use wireless networks.


    Map View
    Drag or flick to scroll.
    Tap to show zoom.

    Press Menu to show more options.

    Google Maps™ mapping service opens by default in “Map mode”.
    Find your location

    Note: Don’t forget to set your location sources.
    From the main Map screen, press Menu > My Location. Your location is shown on the map as a Blue Circle.
    The bigger the circle, the less accurate the location.
    Find any location
    1. Press Menu > Search.​
    2. Enter text in the search box, like an address, business, or city, then tap the magnifying glass.

      Tip: If it’s an address you have visited before, select from the list shown.
    3. Tap the magnifying glass to view all the search options, then tap the result you want. Select Show on map, Get directions, Call or Add as a contact.​
    Get directions
    1. Touch Maps
    2. Press Menu > Directions.​
    3. Enter a starting point address or touch the envelope and select.
      My current location, Contacts, or Points on map.​
    4. Enter an end point address or tap the envelope and select Contacts or Points on map.​
    5. Select your mode of transport (car, public transport or walk), then tap Go. Your directions are shown as a
      list. To view your directions on a map, tap Show on map.​
    6. When you have finished, press Menu > More > Clear map.​

    Select map mode
    Press Menu > Layers to select from Traffic, Satellite, Latitude or recent searches, viewed positions or directions.

    Press Menu > Layers > More layers to select from My Maps, Wikipedia, or Transit Lines.

    Tap Clear Map to clear your selections.

    Map view - Shows a map, complete with names of streets, rivers, lakes, mountains, and borders. This is the default view.
    Satellite view - Shows map on top of aerial photo.
    Traffic view - If available in your area, real-time traffic conditions are shown on the roads as color-coded lines.
    Turn-by Turn Navigation
    1. Touch Maps
    2. Press Menu
    3. Touch Directions
    4. Use My Location, or enter new Start Point and End Point
    5. Touch Go
    6. Touch Navigate
    • The phone holder is perfect for using navigation. CLICK HERE to learn more about the phone holder.
    • If you receive a call during navigation, navigation will stop until the call is ended, and will have to be restarted.​

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