Here is how to get Real racing 3 working on Bionic

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    Real racing 3 is not supported on the Bionic but I got it working pretty nice! You just need root. Get Market Helper "", it allows you to make your device look like another phone without the risk of messing with the build prop. Follow the instructions to make it look like a S3. Now at least on mine this did not trick the market app one my phone. But if you find google play on your browser it does work. Download the RR3 and install it.
    Now at this point if you open it the graphics look pretty weird, they cars look like mirrors and the rims flash as they spin. To fix this go to google play (you can use the app for this) and find the app called real racing 3 graphics. Open it and enable it, then set the graphics to medium. If you set it higher it gets pretty laggy and the mirrors do not quite work right anyway. Now the graphics will look pretty good!

    The sound still has some problems, I turned the music off because it skips some. Some times you might hear some clicking sounds but it isn't that bad. Also it will sometimes force close right before starting a race. If that starts happening go into manage apps and find RR3 and clear its cache, this will fix the problem. I normally do this before playing everytime. Its annoying but what can we do? We aren't supported so we just have to be happy with what we have. ;)

    I also found out Black ops zombies works great with the new update. Unlike originally all the textures are there now. Just make sure you don't have stuff running in the background or you might get some lag. Hope this helps!
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