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    Virtual Drive - Racing gives you the opportunity to test your racing skills behind the wheels of many amazing super-cars, pushing your determination to the edge in controlling hundreds of horsepower on the most daring roads.

    Virtual Drive - Racing stuns through its high-definition graphics, a delight to all high-end tablet and phablet owners, while still allowing full control over the level of detail, to allow even casual devices to play the game smoothly.

    Start testing about 40 extremely well detailed cars from 6 categories: … If your car becomes too monotonous, you can change the body-kits with some better-looking and impressive ones, customizing different front and rear bumpers, skirts, wings and sometimes even hoods.

    You will definitely not get bored driving the cars on over 10 tracks, each location being rendered in beautiful HD graphics for the different moments of the day. Take the extra challenge when weather conditions are not the most favorable, such as a race on a frozen track, or on wet roads after a torrential rain. A career with three levels of difficulty takes your skills to the limit and challenges you to become the best pilot around.

    If you’ve finished racing through the difficulty levels, that doesn’t mean the game is over! You can still participate in world championships, where the most advanced pilots meet, or you can compete against your friends.

    Think you can handle it?

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VDRacingGame
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