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    ok so my brothers Droid X is having ALL KINDS of issues...i wanted to try and clean it up a bit and see if that helps...i tried to go the apps and delete some stupid ones but it wouldnt even load that.
    then i tried to hook it up to the computer so i could try to delete **** that way. well when i unpluged it from the comp. it decided to shut off...and i finally saw some MORE **** that its been doing that my brother was telling me about.
    its not even starting up.
    it shows the Motorola sign, then shows DROID...SOMETIMES it will go as far as going to the little droid eyeball but then it goes right back to the "Droid" and keeps going back and forth.

    iv taken the battery out several times and its not working still....i WAS going to just reset the damn phone to see if that works BUT I CANT EVEN GET IT ON LOL
    any advise?