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    I recently made the move up to CM7 on my Droid 2, and I am loving it so far. I decided to take advantage of the Theme Changer on CM7 by downloading some themes. I haven't found the perfect theme yet, but I really like the Xperia Arc theme on this thread over at XDA: [CM7 Theme Chooser] Sony, Samsung, Motorola themes for CM7 (HDPI/MDPI - Updated 31/7) - xda-developers.

    I would like to make one little change to it. I want to replace the battery icon with a circle battery with a number inside it, like the ones that UOT Kitchen (UOT Kitchen. Kitchen) allows. I chose my battery icons, uploaded the apk file, and got a zip file back from the kitchen. When I unzipped the file and copied the UOT apk to my phone, it installed fine. But when I try to apply it from the Theme Changer, it says that the file has not been compiled properly.

    I figured there may be a problem with the scripting setting (on the File Upload tab), so I tried all four of the "edify scripting" options, as well as the "amend scripting" option. I got the same error on all five attempts.

    The original apk file works, and when I decompile it using APK Manager, the 9.png files look OK with the correct borders.

    I also tested making my battery icon change to the EmptyTheme.apk that the UOT Kitchen site has (, and that works fine with the default scripting settings. (It shows the circle battery I want, but with the stock CM7 theme.)

    What am I doing wrong? Please help!
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