[THEME] Droid 3 Modded (Gingerbread look) - Hexen 1.0.1

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    This theme is based on the Droid 3 Theme (Blue Bar version) by mopar57 (link). I made some changes for my personal use and am sharing it for everyone else.

    Tested with Hexen 1.0.1 over 2.4.330 SBF & ClockworkMod Recorvery v2.5.0.8. I'm not responsible for any damage that occurs to your device by the use of this theme file. Use it at your own risk! ;)
    This updates the /system/framework/framework-res.apk file only, so you need to have Hexen rom installed beforehand.

    How to install:
    - Download the zip file and put it on the SD card
    - Boot into CWM
    - Wipe cache (If you're worried, also make a nand-backup at this step)
    - Install zip on SD
    - Reboot!

    Changes made:
    - Fixed the expanded status bar item background (swapped blue <-> light grey)
    - Fixed the app menu list text color (from white on light grey to darker text for better legibility)
    - Fixed the screen lock slider image alignment (when sliding)
    - Fixed the (infamous) 3G status bar icon pixel shift problem
    - Changed the status bar battery icons to the Tiny Circle battery from the UOT Kitchen (10% increment w/ the Hybrid style charging animation)

    Huge thanks to the Hexen team for making my D2G life so much better, to mopar57 for the original theme contribution, to the UOT kitchen folks for modding ideas and ingredients, and to the Apk Manager developer for making modding possible.
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