Help me set up my S3 by finding similar jailbreaks I used to use please!

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    Hey everyone I’m switching from a jailbroken iPhone 4S to a Galaxy S3 AT&T. What similar apps and tweaks are available for the Galaxy S3 that I currently use on my iPhone? I also plan to root my S3 so any apps that are similar that require rooting are fine. Also any recommendations of cool tweaks, apps and ROMS are welcomed. I am new to this but I have read quite a bit. I like my phone looking totally different then everyone else’s. ☺
    Any help is welcomed,

    Tweaks & apps I use on my iPhone:

    Bite SMS – One can push the volume button and then tap the screen where it shows that volume being adjusted and quick composes a message. One may also quick reply without having to go into the native sms app, such as replying to a text message while in a game or in the music app.
    - Features: “Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Passcode Lock, Delivery Reports”

    Activator – One can set short cuts by customizing what a certain button or certain screen gestures such as pressing the home button three times and the camera flash turns into a flashlight. Another example is pressing the sleep button twice while listening to music and the phone will go to the next song in the playlist. Also one can set a gesture such as “pinching” an icon on the home screen and the email app will open in the compose new email window.

    SBSettings - Simple shortcut utility allows you to access all of the system settings you toggle daily with a quick Activator action. For example, you could double tap your iPhone’s status bar to trigger a panel of settings, and adjust settings such as Bluetooth, wifi, 3G, brightness, kill background apps. Also have a toggle setting for the flash setting it as a flashlight on and off at an ease.

    Tethering – Using the cellphones 3G or 4G to give out internet access by setting a wireless hotspot, Bluetooth or USB cable.

    Folder Enhancer – unlimited amount of apps in any folder

    Applocker – passcode apps and folders

    Fake caller ID app

    Lock screen quick features - camera app toggle and people you’d like to speed dial, flashlight

    Remove running apps in the background with one touch

    3G unrestrictor – run or download apps that are limited to only use while on wifi
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    Hope those help.

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