HELP Droid HTC Incredible won't boot past HTC Incredble splash logo!

Discussion in 'Droid Incredible Tech Support' started by dalexa05, Jul 23, 2012.

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    rooted Droid HTC Incredible as I wanted to be able to use wireless teather. After successfuly rooting my droid i've had no problems up till a few months ago which i had ignored. At least till i did a factory resest which now my phone wont boot.

    • Droid HTC Incredible (Rooted)via
    • Incrediblec XD SHIP S-OFF
    • HBOOT- 0.92.0000
    • MICROP-0417
    • Radio-
    • ClockworkMod Revovery v2.5.1.2
    • Running stock Andriod OS no special roms

    • Was not able to update Droid software stuck at 2.1 i think. Installer would show there was an update but would just sit there and do nothing.
    • Not able to send multimedia txt messages (this just started last month)
    • After doing a factory reset phone will only boot to HTC Incredible tm splash logo but I can get into my HBOOT and Clockworkmod. Phone will not boot to HTC software so i could use my phone.

    What I did

    • Under settings while using the phone i did a factory reset-here is where it started not booting so i did this next step.
    • Under clockwork mod i wiped data/ factory reset, wiped cache partition. Under mounts and storage i format -> (boot,system,data,cache,sdcard,sd-ext) which this did not resolve the booting issue.......

    HELP please as i need this phone to find work and don't want to loose my unlimited data plan through verizon if i had to change phones.
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