Droid HTC Incredible stuck on htc Incredible tm splash logo on boot

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    I have a rooted Droid and for a while my droid said i had a system update but would never install it also another issue of not sending multimedia messages saying it was due to a general network error.

    So i figured reset just like when i have to many issues with PC i just reformat and have a clean slate to work with.
    I had used Unrevoked.com to root my droid and have no problems other then what was described above. I think i was running 2.0 software while the update was at 4.1

    I went to settings and factory reset also held down on the power button and volume down did clear storage and factory reset there.

    Now if won't go past the htc incredible tm splash logo.

    Help I need my phone for my work! :icon_eek:

    Other info INcrediblec XD Ship S-OFF
    HBoot- 0.92.0000
    Microp 0417
    ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.1.2
    Under clockworkmod i did wipe Dalvik cache, wiped battery stats, wiped cache partition, wiped data/ factor reset,format boot,format system,format data,format cache

    Did all that thinking it might help but now i can't use my phone it wont go past the splash logo
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