Help! DCMProvider is draining my battery :( (Gallery related)

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    For the past week or so, this started happening. No new apps been installed, this DCMProvider just started running and draining my battery. I might have been running before, but probably at the minimal.

    Before this, im basically getting 5-6 hours of screen time and roughly 15-16 hours of battery life before swapping batteries. However, im now only getting 2-3 hours of screen time due to this DCMProvider. Im not rooted and planning not to, at least for now. I would turn DCMProvider off, but it's grayed out.

    So, DCMProvider is running together with framework for a reason I have no idea about. DCMProvider would stop running after I force stop couple times. However, it would start running again once I open app the Gallery app. Stuff I have in my SDCard are the primary camera folder location and other old pics. There are also pictures in my gallery that is saved on the phone.

    Media thing is for some reason trying to access something since it would keep popping in and out as seen on pictures 3 and 4. So media and framework services keeps restarting every 4 seconds, probably why it's draining my battery. I am now wondering if it's safe to turn off framework services as I am able to. I just dont know anything about it and im afraid it might cause harm to the phone if turned off.


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