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    Well hello to all. I have an HTC Incredible Love it but have had a dead spot from day 1. Been waiting on replacement untill to day the Teck @ Verizon, said you mite not be getting a Incredible as of parts delay. You mite want to get New Droid X that will be out. & you being a 30 plus year cust. Will get an email to pre order so you will have your new phone on July 24. He all so said the reson for this is that they can't make money with out phones,& there have been lots of probs. Getting the phones. That there Flagship phone was to be the Incredible . But HTC can't keep up & Prob with the Evo Screen oming off there New FlagShip Will be The Droid X & the Droid2. I don't know if all is true but I am Getting the Droid X the 24th dancedroid