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    I just got the HD Station not too long ago and just started trying to use it. I plugged in a USB Flash drive and got nothing. I'm on JB 4.1.2, the OTA (I manually installed it). I know for a fact the USB Flash works fine on my PC.

    Is it suppose to automatically work or is there some app I need to install or how does this thing work?

    I was reading somewhere on the internet that the dock itself is not strong enough to power USB devices alone and needs to be plugged in. I swore I plugged it in, but after checking my connection, the plug had come out. How, I'm not sure. After plugging it into a different socket on my power surge (it very well could be the socket I was using), I had success and my USB device was recognized. Specifically, a ScanDisk Cruzar Fit 32GB Flash.

    Other thoughts:
    A couple of weeks ago, I bought both the Logitech MX Performance Mouse and the Logitech K800 Illuminated Keyboard. I had read over at XDA-developers website that someone just tried plugging their Logitech Unifying device into their HD Station and it worked. Well, it didn't for me. But then I basically found out that the plug had come out of the socket and addressed that situation. After figuring out that my USB Flash had been recognized, I gave this another shot. That said, I'm now able to use my K800 Keyboard and MX Performance Mouse on my HD Station, as well. Considering I purchased both devices separately, I had a spare Unifying device. To get this to work, you most likely have to use a PC to program the Unifying Device to work with each peripheral, first. Now I can use 1 Keyboard and 1 Mouse for both my computer and my phone. Pretty awesome!

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