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    I mentioned on a post or two that I got a HD Station for my MAXX. At first, the only thing that was working was showing my phone on my computer monitor. NO USBs would work. Then I discovered it was due to a lack of power. Then I discovered I must've kicked the plug out of the socket. After plugging it back in, I checked my battery and it changed from Discharging to Charging.

    So far, this is what works:
    • ScanDisk Cruzar 32 GB Fit Flash Drive
    • Logitech Unifying Receiver
    The Logitech Unifying Receiver is a relatively new device by Logitech where you can pair up to 6 devices (keyboard/mouse/headset) with one Unifying Receiver. The device must obviously support the Logitech Unifying technology.

    In my case, my keyboard is the Logitech K800 and my mouse is the Logitech Performance Wireless Mouse MX. Each device is sold separately, with a Unifying Receiver, thus I have a spare Unifying Receiver.

    From my findings, you can pair up to 6 devices to one receiver, however, you cannot pair one device to multiple receivers. That said, to get connectivity on both my PC and my RAZR MAXX via the HD Station, I have to manually unplug the programmed Logitech Unifying Receiver from one and plug it into the other. I just ordered a Y-Connector off Amazon to see if I can split the signal. I'm fairly confident that this will work. When I receive it, I will update.
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