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    i have a quick question for call does it work exactly?

    If i turn it off, obviously my forwarding phone rings (mobile) but Google warned me before turning it off that a caller might leave a voicemail on my mobile phone rather than GV. does this mean that they would hear my Mobile's Voicemail Greeting (which states my name...etc.) or would they still hear the GV Voicemail Greeting i have set up (blank).

    *if they can hear my Mobile's Voicemail Greeting, then should i activate Google Voicemail on my phone just for these specific numbers?

    **i basically dont want any calls i make with my GV number to a regular phone, to be tracable back to ME - meaning if they call back my GV number and it forwards to my phone and i pick up they would know...same with the voicemail dilemma i just discussed.

    ***and if a regular phone calls my GV # but it is forwarded to my mobile, will i have any notification that they are calling my GV # and not my Mobile number?

    thanks. will ++ to helpful responses.
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