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    Okay, its 2:30 and I've searched unsuccessfully for an answer so ill ask and get a little sleep.

    I just got gv and a gv number. I've tied my cell and home numbers to the gv# so they both ring if the gv# is called. I also have a home in Virginia which I planned to tie to the gv#.

    Then a dangerous thought hit my mind (the reason I'm still awake). If I call forward the house phone to my Google number, will it work or will I create a never ending loop. A call to the house forwards to gv which rings the house, which forwards to gv, etc, etc, etc.

    I think I create a loop but I'd like to be sure I do before I change my direction. If I am creating a loop, I'll probably only forward the Virginia number to gv so when the phone rings down there I'll be able to answer on my cell or at home.

    I hope this makes sence, I'm running low on energy.
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