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    Google Hangouts is an awesome tool for talking to a buddy, creating a YouTube show, or catching up with family. But for businesses it may not be as suitable as Citrix Gotomeeting. With Google trying to venture into businesses by encrypting their software and providing Google Apps for Work, it is only fitting to further expand their software to create more revenue from businesses and enterprises.
    GMeet is an app that looks to allow businesses to hold video conferences through Google. We will have to wait for Google to find out the reality and logistics of the app.

    Source: Google Meetings is coming.Login currently appears to be limited to Googlers
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    It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

    The company I work for is in the beginning stages of transitioning to Google and right now we're mostly using the Google Drive and Hangouts. The Gmail aspect hasn't fully caught on as there are limitations to that versus our Exchange environment, and we've also got a lot of (automated) processed that tie into Exchange that Gmail just simply can't do.

    The Google Meetings might be a nice, professional touch to the Hangouts portion of their app suite. We're also heavy on using WebEx at this point.
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