GN2 Lock screen and Bluetooth headset

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 2' started by BuccoDroid, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Only real problem I have with my GN2 is making calls while in the car using my bluetooth headset. Seems that when I set a pattern lock, or a password and the screen locks I am unable to use the headset and actually make a call.

    I did not have this problem with my HTC Incredible but do with the GN2. Since I need to be able to make calls in the car safely I find this a big problem. I also want to make my phone and the info on it a secure as possible by using the password.

    Any help would be appreciated. Did call both VZW and Samsung to not avail. They had not idea what I was talking about at first but when I explained my problem they could not solve the problem.

    I am using Nova Laucher if that info helps.
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