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    I have read several posts here and other places about this problem and nothing has fixed mine.

    For no apparent reason, I will suddenly get a message that there is a connection error and my username or password is not correct and i can either change setting or retry, neither of which work.

    The frustrating part is that it is so random. The Gmail app continues to work fine (the one with the icon that looks like an M coming out of an envelope). The issue is with the email app on the phone (the one with the icon that looks like an @ in a stamp.) I much prefer this interface. The Gmail interface drives me crazy. But not as crazy as one that refuses to connect every couple of days for no reason.

    Sometimes I can remove the account and add it again. Sometimes that doesn't work.

    I called Verizon. The first guy had me change some settings (including roaming data checked - for some reason was off.). But didn't solve problem. The second guy wanted me to factory reset (after he tried to blame it on using a wifi connection and told me to never use wifi and then backpedaled when I tried to get him to justify that preposterous suggestion). I chose not to do a reset, because I just got it the way I like it, and this exact reason is why I got away from Blackberry!!! I don't want a phone that needs factory resets constantly. If this is the only solution, I need a reason and a way to prevent it in the future.

    While he was giving me the run around, I deleted and added the account and it started working again. But of course it broke again today.

    One thing I did based on a post was to change the server to -No effect.

    Another said to log into YouTube with google account, and this would somehow magically fix it. When I tried to do that I got the error "there was a problem with the network (error 401)".

    But later, i added the gmail account back to the phone and it let me log in. Had not changed anything. Just waited a while.

    Does anyone know why this keeps happening and how to prevent it??
    Is a reset really my only hope??
    If so, anyone want to buy a lightly used DROID 3?
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