Gmail and Media Manager problems.

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    I have a problem with my Gmail now. On my old incredible, it was set up to only refresh with new mail when I manually did it, and that's the way I wanted it, but now that I have upgraded to the Rezound, I cannot find that option, and my phone alerts me to new mail when ever I get it, and I think I got something interesting only to find Google+ sent me a notice or some other useless mail. I don't want to be alerted every time I get a new mail. I think I will have this problem with my Yahoo account too is I were to get that on my phone.

    My second problem is with some program that Verizon installed that seems also useless, but it sends me alerts all the time too. It is called "V Cast Media Manager", and it gives me a "failed upload (7)" message every night. It also wants me to subscribe to V Cast Media Manager and sends me that alert everyday as well. What is that, and why is it trying to upload something, Im pretty sure I never told my phone to do that, and why should I subscribe to that? does it cost money? how do I stop it from trying to upload things, and stop it from trying to get me to register.

    Also, this is kind of annoying, but why did HTC sync all of my facebook contacts birthdays to the calendar without telling me that it was going to do that? I dont really want to sync anything from Facebook to my phone, or at least I want that option to say no.

    So far I am fairly happy with the Rezound and these are some of the first things to be irritating about it. Can anyone offer any help with this?

    Also, is there a good program for free for taking panorama photos? preferably with little to no ad interference.

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    On my phone I have the VZ media manager sync option unchecked. Go into setting--->Accounts and Sync. Find it and uncheck it. Sometimes it comes back. I don't know how but it does. So far it's been 36 hours since I unchecked it again and it's still fine. Time will tell.

    About Gmail. Go into gmail--->menu button--->more--->settings---->under account settings select your account---->go into email notifications and uncheck the box. That will keep your status bar clear of notifications.
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    LoudRam is right on the money.. You can do the same for your yahoo mail in the email app just go into settings and turn off automatic polling. It's easier to do with k9 but your choice of mail apps is your choice ;-)

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