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    My battery seems to go down faster these days,, 8 months old,

    Tried adding the battery monitor widget, dragged to my front screen, showed an error, icon not right.
    So I tried the clear cache from the sticky,,
    That hung up with the little droid guy on its back, belly panel open and an alert triangle over it,,
    after a time that closed and phone rebooted normal..

    the battery widget,, gone, no sign of it anywhere, cannot get it from the widget page, its all gone.

    I guess nothing works like its suppose to.

    I remember life before smart phones,, I did just fine.

    Still want to kick my boss in the golf balls for making me spend the money on a smart phone,,:p
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    Not sure what you wanted to accomplish by adding the widget. I'd download gsam battery monitor from the playstore. It will tell you more things than the stock battery monitor.
    Also, I'd try recalibrating the battery.
    1. Use the phone until you receive the low battery warning.
    2. Power down phone and charge overnight.
    3. The next day, use the phone as normal.
    4. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
    No need to keep powering down after the 2nd cycle. Charge and use phone as normal.
    This should recalibrate the battery.

    I'd give it a few days for the phone to recondition itself.

    If after a week the battery is still not lasting as long, I'd recommend resetting the phone. Or if not, try going back and seeing if you downloaded a bad acting app. Sometimes this may help.

    Hope this helps.
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