getting a refurbished droid increfible adr 6300 ?

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    I will be getting a refurbished Droid incredible soon
    I have a Droid that I purchased 12/10 and it has what I a m told a better screen than the original
    Incredibles that came out a few months before I bought mine.
    My incredible has been great but the camera led lights went.
    What should I look out for on the refurbished unit?
    I read that I should check the proximity locator what else?
    Also I am very nervous about transferring all my contacts over and apps how do I do that?
    I will only have one battery since it is from Verizon
    Any suggestions would be great
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    transferring contacts and apps is as easy as logging in during the initial setup. Your contacts are backed up to your google account, same with your apps and you can redownload apps from teh market

    AS for looking out for anything you should be fine. CLNR really are like new and are very clean from my experience. The ones I received never had a single problem, but on my 2nd og Droid the rear speaker blew out, I can blame that on the volume it was on.

    The original screens on the Incredible first had some "problems", but overall the consensus is that the screen was better. I have a newer Inc with the new screen and it looks awesome, how it holds up to the old one I have yet to compare that, but I keep hearing the original screen was much better and was one of the main reasons what made the phone so incredible :p
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