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    As if enough hours aren’t already consumed playing Call of Duty, Activision wants to make sure that the popular first person shooter is never out of reach. Call of Duty ELITE isn’t a game. It’s an app for viewing your Modern Warfare 3 stats and comparing them with those of other players. Yes, this freemium service is for the most hardcore of hardcore CoD addicts. You can even edit your custom class within the app and have it ready for you whenever you next boot up an online multiplayer battle, whatever that means. If you managed to find ten minutes to read this article, you obviously aren’t playing enough Call of Duty. Go get the app now.

    Right now the app seems to be in a beta state. On some devices, the app doesn't fit the screen as it should and navigation is somewhat difficult. But hey, it just came out.

    SOURCE: Activision launches Call of Duty ELITE Android app | Eurodroid