Galaxy Note 8 May Release 24 Hours After Announcement In The US

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Aug 14, 2017.

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    The Note 8 will be announced world wide on August 23rd at a live event taking place in New York, this much is certain. We now have a bit of intel suggesting the device might actually go live on August 24th just 24 hours after the official announcement! This was confirmed by a best buy employee who claims to be familiar with Best Buy's plans. This is in direct contrast with a report from a reliable Korean publication who claims the device will be available in south Korea starting September 15. There have been other reports suggesting that Samsung will begin a 2 week preview period at certain retail locations where you can touch and try the phone, but won't be able to purchase it. Maybe releasing the phone so quickly could be Samsung's way of getting ahead of the iPhone release. If the Note 8 will be available the day after announcement I will surely be finding my place in line.

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    the above mentioned the early release is to get ahead of the iphone release but it could also be to get ahead of the v30 release. from what I read, it is a very similar and a quality phone and could be a lot cheaper.
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