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Discussion in 'Droid X2 Tech Support' started by sherm2954, May 12, 2012.

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    Sorry in advance for being a whiner...and please feel free to post and tell me that I'm an idiot and a loser...

    that being said, here's the deal.
    I got a droid x2. I now desperately regret parting wtih my Blackberry (at least it actually worked)
    I rooted it...only adjusted the speed on the sd card.

    This thing is killing me. it hangs up with almost all apps.
    I can't make a call without waiting for an extended period of time for the dialer, etc. to become active.
    If i listen to music, it skips constantly (and yes, I've adjusted the buffer, etc.)
    If I want to show someone a picture, I may as well give them an appointment time to come back.

    I'm at my wits end. I'm really close to literally shooting this thing with a rifle and kissing off the rest of my 2 year verizon contract.
    I almost feel that the satisfaction of putting a bullet through this phone would compensate for the 20 months of payments.

    I'm not a tech geek, so if you have a great rom that will fix this for me, please direct me to a source that will walk me through it step by step and that will give me directions that treat me like the complete loser that I have come to believe I am.....

    Help me please.
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    start with a rom, will help a lot with lag
    then if it's still not fast enough try v6supercharger
    really only two roms to pick from
    cm7 & eclipse 2.2
    hdmi doesn't work on cm7 & you may get better battery life on eclipse
    need to be on 2.3.4 for cm7
    2.3.5/1.3.418 for eclipse 2.2

    before anything else make a backup
    in recovery

    read instructions, download what you need, reread instructions

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