Froyo for thought... an open letter

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by tfkennady, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Regardless of what ROM you prefer (Bugless, Cyanogen, UD, etc.) I wanted to take a moment to thank all the developers out there for their tireless efforts. It seems like they work around the clock on these products only to give them away for free.

    This is what open source is about I suppose; the exchange of ideas and the freedom to implement them as we see fit. Getting the most out of your device, experimenting with different software and sticking it to the man doesn't hurt either lol (I guess that would be Big Red in this case).

    I thought it was interesting that Google Inc. openly supports the development of these ROMs and went as far to say that, they looked forward to seeing Froyo ported over to the G1 of all devices (Cyanogen I think was mentioned). I guess that goes to show that Google has it's customer's best interest in mind, regardless of how that new software gets to the consumer.

    The Android community is awesome and I look forward to seeing it grow. It almost feels like the modded xbox community(still running 2 of those OG xboxs, xbmc is still awesome btw).Obviously not as large but have similar goals in mind. Again to the development teams out there, thank you and keep up the good work.

    To everyone else out there if you can, donate. It will only help this community grow and improve.

    -PS Apple sucks lol