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    After fruitlessly searching online for the purpose and function of every process and application on my Droid, I started freezing apps using Titanium until something broke. Some trial and error later, I thought I found success... until my "battery & data manager" failed to load under settings. It force closes and tells me that the data manager app is not responding. I went back into Titanium and defrosted every application I could find that had the words data and/or manager... and still no success in getting the program to load.

    Has anyone else run into this issue?

    On a related note, the contacts list in my Talk application displays everyone as offline. I can still receive chats, respond to them, and even initiate them... I just can't see who is actually online or not. Logically, one could argue that it has to do with some app I froze and the unnecessarily interconnected nature of blur... but I can't seem to logically reason which app that would be.


    Thank you all for your help.

    (On the plus side, I have managed to get my RAM usage down to about 170 and the stock battery is at 40% after 13 hours of moderate use. Makes such headaches worth it, me thinks.)
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