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    DroidForums member "aexoldevs" has just released a new addictive time waster game called "Crazy Ropes : The Ninja Ropes". It has already seen over 1000 downloads in just a matter of weeks, which tells you how popular this game has been in the short time it has been available. It has kept a pretty respectable rating of 4.4. The game is well designed and reminds me of the animation stylings of temple run. This game involves alot of rope climbing and jumping. The object of the game is to jump, swing, and fly between ropes to help the six doodle heroes escape the temple tower. The six characters in the game include Indi the rope jumper, Ninja who can climb any type of rope even oiled ropes, Vampire who jumps ropes with speed and agility, Dryad can communicate with ropes who alert her to danger, Kenye East collects coins from nearby ropes, and Orbi has all the above super powers.

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    Your goal is to climb as high as you can in the temple tower. You will collect coins on the way to unlock additional content. You will also collect bonuses that will help make the game easier and help you collect even more coins. You will want to be sure to avoid obstacles as you make your way through the temple tower. Fragments of the tower, poisonous snakes, deadly temple eagles, falling stones, slippery rope, and giant stones can all be dangerous obstacles standing in your way. You can get past these dangers by using various power ups including mega jumps, magnets, immortality, bullet time, and time twisters.

    Crazy Ropes is a very well designed well thought out game that will help you waste time and kill boredom! Head to OP below for more info and the download links!

    Download and Discuss here
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