Fossil Q Founder Android Smart Watch Now Available!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Nov 25, 2015.

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    I can remember a time when all I wanted for Christmas was a Fossil watch! They were all the rage in school and all the cool kids had one. Now you can get one for $20 at the local outlet mall. However Fossil watches still hold a place in my heart. If I actually wore a watch on a regular basis it would probably be a Fossil watch.

    They have just released a their Android Smartwatch, the Q Founder. It actually looks really slick! The design really screams classic and sends me right back to middle school! The watch is also surprisingly thin from the provided images. Of course this watch brings the standard Android Wear push notifications and activity tracking to your wrist. The watch features an Intel chipset, 4GB of storage, 400mah battery, and a flat tire sensor on the bottom of the screen. The device is bluetooth 4.1, and is IP67 certified. The watch is available for only $295. Grab it from the link below.

    via Fossil
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    I saw this one a few weeks ago and kind of like it. Some Fossil watches are way more than $20. I have a nice solid stainless steel Fossil that was my everyday watch before my LG G. This may be the one I buy next when my G watch starts to get old & tired.

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