The Fossil Q SmartWatch Line Is Getting An Update!

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    One of the best looking smartwatches of 2015 has to be the Fossil Q Founder watch. Something about Fossil watches just brings back memories of middle school. Maybe it was that time that some dude stole mine out of my locker and I had to hunt him down and threaten to end him to get it back. I dunno maybe it's just because that was the watch brand everyone had to have. When the Q Founder watch came out of course i just had to have one. I added it to my Christmas list but Santa didn't get the memo. It looks like maybe Santa will have another chance this year.

    Today Fossil announced two new Q series watches! The Fossil Q Marshal and the Q Wander will both be available for Pre-Order on August 12th! These are each powered by Android Wear, will feature interchangeable watch straps, include a 45mm case, and have refined steel and leather accents. Other features include Always On Display, notifications with vibrations, Android and iOS compatibility, microphone and speaker, activity tracking, custom watch faces, automatic time zone, magnetic charger, and more! Head to the link below to get in on the Pre-Order.

    via Fossil
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    Oddly, I see no mention of these new watches on their website.