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    I had this issue over the weekend and found the solution on another forum, I thought I would share.

    My corp email would sync just find, Exchange, but when I would try to actually read the message the application would force close. I did the normal things to resolve the issue, restart the phone, and remove/add the account, but nothing helped. I was close to setting it back to factory when I found this thread, towards the bottom it give essentially another way of removing the account but apparently does a better job.

    Go to Home>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications

    Click the Menu button and select "Filter"

    Select "Running"

    Scroll down to the "Email" application. Select "Clear Data"

    It was still nice that I was able to find the solution from the droid on a car ride to watch the Ducks beat the Predators, then use the voice search to find the closest Jack in the box.
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