First [Custom Rom] RAZRX v1.0 For the DroidRazr by DroidTh3ory

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    The Th3ory Team strikes again. DroidTh3ory has put together the first custom rom for the DroidRazr! This is only the beginning of what is to come for this sleek device! It should be noted that there is still no safety net whatsoever for this phone as the fastboot files to flash stock incase of a softbrick have still not been released. You are encouraged to flash this Rom at your own risk. You don't have much to worry about though as this Rom has been tested extensively! Your only risk here would be user error!


    This Rom is built on the Moto base. It is Deodexed and Debloated for added snappiness. Lots of system mods and tweaks have been done for improved speed and performance. SD Read enhancement is included to speed up the sdcard reads. Ultimate Compression is included as well as Ram script and optimized pngs. Updated Superuser and busybox are included here as well.

    This Rom looks super tight with an overall ICS theme, themed apps, themed notification bar, themed dialer and contacts and much more. The Th3ory Rom wallpaper app is included. It is Recommended that you install this Rom only via safestrap until their is a way to Recover to stock. Safestrap just allows for you to dualboot into a rom safely without modifying your "unsafe" main rom. These are exciting times for the Razr!

    Show DroidTh3ory some love and mark this as installed. Download here.

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    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!