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    I'm in Afghanistan and I hated the fact that the only phones they have here are the old Nokia phones straight out of 1995 so, when I went home, I went to the Verizon store and got a Droid 2 Global and had them unlock it for me so I can use the local SIM card (Roshan) in Afghanistan and just toggle to CDMA when I go back to the states. It works great.

    Every time I asked Google a question about my phone, it led me to droidforums for the answer, so I figured it was time to sign up for an account and cut out Google as the middle-man.

    One of the problems I have is that a lot of the apps I want don't show up or are otherwise unavailable in global mode, but will become available when I turn off the cell signal (Screenshot it, Bloat freezer, folder organizer, WiFi Tether). Once installed, my phone will tell me that it can't find the SIM card and it switches to CDMA mode (which is useless in Europe and the Middle East) I've found that I can fix this by telling Z4root to "reroot" after is loses the SIM card. The phone will reroot, reboot, and return to it's regular functionality. Is there a reason for this? Why don't these apps like to work in global mode?
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