Evan Blass Hits Us With Some Galaxy S7 Specs, MicroSD card slot?!

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    We heard all kinds of exciting rumors about the Galaxy S6 prior to its announcement. Some of these turned out to be true while others were disappointments in the end. We are presumably 2 months away from the Galaxy S7 announcement and of course speculation, so called "leaks" and rumors abound.

    Evan Blass widely known for his accurate pre announcement smartphone leaks under the twitter handle "evleaks" has just shed some light on some of the specs and features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. The information was gained from a 3rd party during a briefing "on the company's plans". According to the source both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will feature two things omitted in the Galaxy S6 series, a microSD card slot, IP67 dust and water resistance certification and larger batteries.

    All of these features would be welcomed additions. The main thing that killed the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge for me was the atrocious battery life. Batteries will be 3,000mah for the S7 and 3,600mah for the S7 edge. That is up from 2550mah on the S6 and 2600mah on the S6 edge. Overall it seems that Samsung is one by one ticking off all the Problems I had with the S6 and S6 edge to make this a much more well rounded device! This report is early and is still only information about company plans. Any and all of this could change prior to release.

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    Hope they still maintain the 128 gb version so that if there is a micro sd card option I can double the storage.
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