Eousphoros Root No PC reqd in Script form

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    Since some of us have trouble typing on the small keyboard I have placed Eousphoros instructions for rooting and place them in script format. Download the attached file which contains all the files required to root plus two scripts root1 and root2.

    Here are the instructions that are in the readmeinstruction.txt file.

    1. Place the scripts root1 and root2 and the other 4 files on the root of your sd card.

    2. Open your Terminal Emulator

    3 Type: cd /sdcard
    cp /root1 /tmp/root1
    cp /root2 /tmp/root2
    cd /tmp
    chmod 775 root1
    chmod 775 root2
    if all goes well you will see a bunch of junk and then a $ prompt. Wait till you see something along the lines "spawned xxxx children"

    4. hit your home button
    5. hit your menu button (4 dots)
    6. choose Settings>Applications>Manage Applications .. touch the Running tab and scroll to the name of your
    terminal emulator. Touch it and choose "force close"

    7. Hit your home key/button
    8. Open your emulator (should have a # prompt)
    9. Type: cd /tmp
    wait till done, should not take but a few seconds

    9. Type: reboot

    When phone comes to life you should be rooted.


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