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    I droped my phone in the lake and need a new one asap. Like the lookds of the droid - but don't know much about them and don't know anyone with one. I am 43 and use my phone for alot between calls, texting, facebook, weather and internet look ups. I am a volunteer photographer for my local Fire dept. I do say I will miss the FM transmitter that is in my chocolate 3. I liked the ability to use my mp3 playing and play it thru any radio without hooking up wires. My car and boat do not have a place to hook up a mp3. Basically I am looking for opinions on what phone to choose. I do not know much about them. Cost is a factor also and wirefly right now has some deals on them I can get them for free (certain ones). Any info good or bad on which droid they like and why would be appreciated. I also don't know much about what an apps are available - this is all new to me.