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    Fair Oaks, CA
    My name is Mark and I'm soon to be a Droidaholic (Currently use a BB Curve 8330)!!! I came accross the new Droid a few months back and became hooked. My current contract with Verizon will be up in March (or sooner if I can talk them into it). My coworker is a cell phone junkie and "was" using a Storm until the day I went to work and told him that I had just found his next new cell phone. He bought it the first day it was available. He's been showing it to me :icon_ banana: and after getting home from work I had to take a cold shower just to keep my perspective.

    I'm the volunteer coordinator for the Sacramento Metro Fire CERT Program (Community Emergency Response Team). I have the email account for it setup with gmail (gee... how handy is that???). This phone will do much more than I can have imagined and like I said, I will have my Droid within the next 2-3 months.

    On the mundane side, I'm 56, work in a level one trauma center, ride a Vulcan 900LT (GPS Ahoy!), am a retired Air Force Medic (Support Our Troups), volunteer as a neighborhood watch coordinator, have four grown children and two granchildren (so I don't scare easy!).

    I'm looking forward to getting the phone and in picking up all kinds of groovy information here on the forum!!!
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    You already are a Droidaholic : )

    Just couldn't stay away could you lol

    Welcome aboard Mark.

    You are already set-up on Gmail so you will be good to go. The integration is seamless with the Droid.

    It's a great device and things are just starting to heat up with all the apps and 2.1 just around the corner. I don't know how you will hold out for 2-3 more months though so good luck with that.

    The members here are great. They are all VERY helpful and friendly.

    Great to have you.