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    Hello everyone.
    I have just one question and hope it's not so difficult one. I have to use the Droid2 outside of US so my carrier is not Verizon. I successfully changed all required settings to have my droid2 work with local carrier but there is one thing: i want to have carrier name displayed at lock screen and pull-down notification area. Also in Settings->About Phone->Status the "Network" field shows "Unknown".
    All stuff( voice calls, data, etc. ) works well, its just cosmetic thing that i want to make.
    Also I have used QPST and changed fields(i don't remember how exactly they named) to my carrier name(It helps in past with my old htc hero cdma).
    Maybe i should make some other changes even in system's apks?
    I tried several custom ROMs, for example Liberty box have an option to change displayed carrier name but it still shows empty. Now i reverted back into stock because i like blur.
    Excuse me for my English, it's not my native language, feel free to correct me or re-ask if i wrote some non-understandable :)
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