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    Oh I certainly hope that someone can assist me. I just gor the Droid Incredible and am trying to get the email part straightened out and have searched many articles and tried many things but I still think my e-mail is all goofed up. I opened a gmail account but already had a goodle account so not sure that is where my problems started. I also use verizon as my main email source and have a address which I thought I added to the gmail account so that i would receive my e-mail. I am so confused now I can barely explain my issue. When I first started using my droid I could not figure out why my e-mail would not audibly alert me on the phone. I was using the mail app and not the g-mail app. I now have both on the home screen and receive mail to both but i don't think all my a,il goes to both places and the only alert I hear is from the g-mail. I would love to have my verizon mail all go to one place and need a step by step walk through to make sure I have all the settings correct. I need assit with the POP/IMAP and the default e-mail setting and am wondering of i have to use the gmail app in order to get an audible alert!!!!! Help!
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