Eclipse ICS has been ported to the Droid 4!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Sep 18, 2012.

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    It seems like there has been a lot of new development on the Droid4 as of late which makes me happy. One of the latest roms that has been ported was also one of my favorite roms on my Bionic and now on my Galaxy Nexus, Eclipse by NitroGlycerine! Dev "Myfishbear" has ported the ICS version of Eclipse to the Droid 4 and has based it off the latest 217 update! Some changes have been made in this latest build. Flash is fully functioning, the rom has been cleaned, lots of blur has been removed and a theme has been applied! You can also overclock this Rom to 1425!!!! This Rom is looking pretty sick Peep the stills below to see what I am talking about!


    Some add ons are included in the main thread like Google NOw (big +1), Old ICS stock camera patch, remove beats patch, and Europe GSM patch. If you have never installed a Rom before on your Droid 4 then you are in luck! MyFishBear has included one of the most comprehensive written install guides with photos that I have ever seen! It must have taken him several days to compose it!

    Download and Flash Away!