[ROM] Eclipse ICS 1.2 ported to the Droid 4!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Aug 7, 2012.

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    The ICS leaks have sparked up some new development for the Droid 4, which is great because the Official ICS ota should be just around the corner. We can only hope that Kexec will be worked out for this device so that we can experience pure AOSP as well! In the mean time developer "Myfishbear" has ported the Eclipse ICS 1.2 rom by "Nitroglycerin33". The Eclipse rom series has been known for its stability and performance. It also has great theming and plenty of custom mods.


    My fishbear has taken the liberty to do a little bit of cleanup and has also removed some blur and themed a few things! He has also decided to include a Google Now patch. This Rom is based on .217. This should be installed via SafeStrap2.0. It should be noted that you will get bad battery life on the first day due to ICS indexing, but it will improve over time. Also you should not disable data or run smart actions until the day after install so that it can index properly. Other than that everything looks pretty stable and no other bugs have been reported!

    Grab this Rom here and discuss
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